edited by
Joshua S. Graff Zivin
and Jeffrey M. Perloff


The Online Catalog of the
Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics Library

Orpha lists materials in the Giannini Foundation Library acquired since 1987, see the card catalog in the Library for earlier
Orpha also includes thousands of links to web accessible materials in Agricultural and Environmental Economics.

1. AND - The database will  automatically put an AND between words; retrieving records that only have ALL   of the words present.

2. Do not type "stop words" such as a, the, and...; doing so give you zero results.

3. OR - Type the word OR in all caps between the words to find records with either word present.

4. Use an asterisk (*) for truncation (agricultur* = agriculture or agricultural).

5. Phrasing  - Use quotes "  " around words.

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